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- Some Aspects of the History of Electromagnetic Measurements of the Speed of Light.  
- The Michelson Morley, Sagnac and Michelson Gale Experiments.  
- Albert Einstein and Walther Nernst : Comparative Cosmology.  
- Theory of Relativity: A Critical Analysis  
- Three major misinformations in Einstein Theory of Relativity.  

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The Michelson-Morley, Sagnac, and Michelson-Gale experiments.


The introductory note to a recent series of articles dedicated to the first centenary
of Michelson and Morley's experiment is of the opinion that, "the 1887 experiment is commonly hailed as the 'experimentum crucis' that made necessary a revolution in our understanding of space and time" [1], a clear reference to the Einsteinian Theory of Relativity.
Immediately afterwards, L. S. Swenson Jr., when reviewing Michelson's most significant experiments, after lingering over the negative result of the experiment carried out in 1887 attempting to test the effect of the Earth's orbital velocity on the velocity of light, carefully noted that Michelson and Morley, "in their supplement to that classical paper (of 1887) offered at least seven ideas - four possibilities for laboratories and three for observatories - for attacking all over again the problem of the motion of the whole Solar System through space" [2]. Yet he did not mention that the offshoot of one of these ideas, "the attempt at a large field in Clearing, Illinois to measure the effect of the Earth's rotation on the velocity of light" [2], an attempt better known as the "Michelson-Gale experiment", did in fact have a positive result.
Oversights and gross mystifications of this kind are encountered in many scientific texts; not only those on Michelson's experiments but also on other experiments carried out with the same purpose, such as laboratory attempts carried out by Sagnac and other authors to measure the effects of the various motions of the Earth in Maxwell's Aether.
I consequently consider that an accurate, detailed historical and scientific analysis of these experiments and of their physical significance is necessary.

In this paper I was considering, following many textbooks, that the Michelson-Morley experiment had A NULL RESULT.
Later, having read the original papers of Michelson (1881), Michelson-Morley(1887), Morley Miller (1902-1905) and Miller (1925), I could see that Michelson-Morley experiment NEVER HAD A NULL RESULT.
Consequently the first part of this paper, in which I was considering various hypotheses to explain the NULL RESULT of Michelson-Morley, is simply a Non Sense.
Following a wrong information I was simply completely wrong.
Moreover, at the time of this paper, I had no information about the Optical Gyroscope which shows that Δ TF Δ TR ; the experimental contradiction of Einstein´┐Żs postulate: Δ TF = Δ TR

R. A. Monti (2009)





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