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Communication to ICCF-2. Como, Italy, 1991.


When Fleischmann and Pons published their experimental results about the "cold fusion" D + D in Palladium lattices, I had already published (in Italian) my new model of the atom and the Periodic Table.
Consequently it was easy, for me, to understand what had really happened and where Fleischmann and Pons were wrong.
I explained these facts for the first time in the Erice Conference (Italy, Spring, 1989).
Unfortunately Fleischmann and Pons, apparently, did not pay attention to my written objections.
Neither Bressani and Preparata paid attention to the papers I sent them.
But at least Bressani allowed me to present a communication to ICCF-2 (Como, Italy, 1991).
I prepared for the Conference of Como two papers.
1) "A brief history of the atom, Cold Fusion and Cold Fission".
In this paper I made a summary of a book, prepared in Autumn 1988 for the Conference of Camerino (Italy): "Historico - critical analysis of atom models", because I considered necessary to retrace the "story" of the atomic nucleus before presenting my new model of the atom.
2) "Cold Fusion and Cold Fission: experimental evidence for the Alpha Extended
model of the atom".

In this paper I made a summary of the many hints I was collecting about the new model of the atom and the experimental evidence for it.

Unfortunately Bressani and Preparata did not publish them in the Proceedings of ICCF-2.
I wish to thank Hal Fox for publishing them, now, in the Journal of New Energy.





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