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- Some Aspects of the History of Electromagnetic Measurements of the Speed of Light.  
- The Michelson Morley, Sagnac and Michelson Gale Experiments.  
- Albert Einstein and Walther Nernst : Comparative Cosmology.  
- Theory of Relativity: A Critical Analysis  
- Three major misinformations in Einstein Theory of Relativity.  

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- ICCF-11
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Experimental Evidence of Cold Fusion and Cold Fission.
(Low Energy Transmutations)


An experiment is described which shows that nuclear reactions (Cold Fusions and Cold Fissions) can be generated through a series of ordinary chemical reactions.
This experimental evidence cannot be explained by the present theoretical models of the atom.
Consequently we suggest some different hypotheses about the structure and the physical behaviour of the atoms.

On the basis of the experiments made up to 1794 Lavoisier came to the conclusion that in a chemical reaction transmutations from one element to another do not occur. But in 1799 Vauquelin observed what Lavoisier had no occasion to observe, the biological reaction (Cold Fusion): (1).
The experimental method of Vauquelin was as stringent as Lavoisier's method. But Vauquelin had no followers (2).
As a consequence, Lavoisier's hypothesis prevented modern chemistry to go into the study of low energy (Cold) Fusion and Fission (2).
At the beginning of this Century (1905) Einstein made a generalization of Maxwell's and De Pretto's equation: to energies and interactions different from the electromagnetic ones. This generalization prevented the correct investigation of the various, possible, nuclear reactions (3).
Finally, in 1911 and 1913, Rutherford and Bohr developed the planetary model of the atom, which became soon "Official Science" (2).
This model prevented, once again, the study of Cold Fusions and Cold Fissions because they became "theoretically impossible" (4).
Now, in our opinion, experiment comes first and theory second.
Consequently, we shall first describe a well reproducible experiment which generates Cold Fusions and Cold Fissions. Then we shall suggest some hypotheses about the structure and the physical behaviour of the atoms to explain why Cold Fusion and Cold Fission are possible.





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