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- ICCF-11
Monti process

Demonstration Protocol


General comments

The process that we are demonstrating represents a change in the way the world will look at physics generally and dealing with radioactive materials specifically. It is the evolution of ideas formulated by Dr. Roberto A. Monti. Successful demonstration of the concept that it is possible to change one element to another by chemical means, at low energy, is revolutionary in terms of theoretical physics. The paragraphs to follow give a brief description of the process and its history.

- Attached to the text are seven pages of diagrams detailing the actual demonstration as performed in Stockholm on October 9, 2002.

- Attached behind the diagrams are two pages of graphs showing results of earlier demonstrations. The diagrams are included as proof that the process works. The graphs depict measured radioactive decay rates of materials where the radioactive element introduced into the reaction was Thorium
(Th232). The observed rate of decay is significantly different from that of Thorium. The half-life of Thorium is in the order of billions of years while in all instances the graphs show a reduction to background levels in three days .

It is a process researched and developed over twenty five years by Dr. Monti, a research scientist with the Italian Government's National Research Foundation.

The Pyro Chemical Process is based on a model of the atom developed by Dr. Monti.
He calls it the "Alpha Extended Model" which he conceived around 1983. Details were initially published in Italian. The first published dissertation in English was in 1991.


The Alpha Extended Model of the Atom is the result of Dr. Monti's study of at least four models of the atom including the theoretical model of the atom developed by Bohr. Dr. Monti showed that none of the models of the atom worked satisfactorily in describing or predicting many chemical and known nuclear reactions.

Dr. Monti's also created a revised table of elements which incorporates features of the Mendelev table but is considerably different. It was published concurrent with the model of the atom.

According to Dr. Monti's model of the atom it is possible to achieve transmutation of elements by chemical, electrical, or a combination of chemical and electrical means. There is a great deal of experimental evidence which supports this assertion. Monti America Corporation in association with Dr. Roberto A Monti is working on these processes for commercial application. The priority is to develop a process that converts radioactive wastes into non - radioactive elements.





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