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- Some Aspects of the History of Electromagnetic Measurements of the Speed of Light.  
- The Michelson Morley, Sagnac and Michelson Gale Experiments.  
- Albert Einstein and Walther Nernst : Comparative Cosmology.  
- Theory of Relativity: A Critical Analysis  
- Three major misinformations in Einstein Theory of Relativity.  

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- ICCF-11
Monti process

Demonstration Protocol



In 1988 R. A. Monti devised a new model of the atom: the Alpha Extended Model
According to this model, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (Transmutations) are possible, as shown by the Alchemic Tradition.
In 1989 Fleischmann and Pons published experimental evidence of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.
In 1992 R. A. Monti had the possibility to make a series of transmutations.
The procedure of these experiments, and the results, were presented at ICCF3
(Nagoya, Japan, October 1992. See our web site).
Since 1993 our attention was concentrated on the transmutation of the nuclear waste into stable elements.
Experimental results were shown at ICCF-5 (Montecarlo, 1995), ICCF-7(Vancouver, 1997), ICCF-8(Lerici, 2000).
In 2004 the first industrial plant to destroy NORM is ready to work, in Canada.
The next step is the applications of Alchemy to the healing of the human body.
To this aim we shall investigate, in our laboratory, the production and the effects of:
Red Lion, White Lion and Morning Star (
About the origin of Alchemy, we suggest to follow the hints from:
The Goldmakers, by Kurt Karl Doberer, and A civilization under ice by Flavio Barbiero.




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