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- Some Aspects of the History of Electromagnetic Measurements of the Speed of Light.  
- The Michelson Morley, Sagnac and Michelson Gale Experiments.  
- Albert Einstein and Walther Nernst : Comparative Cosmology.  
- Theory of Relativity: A Critical Analysis  
- Three major misinformations in Einstein Theory of Relativity.  

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- ICCF-11
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Low energy nuclear reactions: the revival of Alchemy.

In 1959 C.L. Kervran shows experimental evidence of Low Energy Transmutations, but contemporary physicists refuse to believe in the experimental evidence in front of them because it would question the interests, widely well established, of High Energy Physics.
In 1989 Fleishmann and Pons made another Low Energy Transmutation, erroneously called "Cold Fusion", which drew great attention.
High Energy Physicists started a huge campaign to invalidate "Cold Fusion" in front of the public.
In 1996 "The Developing Technology of Transmutations" becomes the fundamental issue of the Second Conference on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (College Station, TX).
In 1998, ICCF-7 (Vancouver) and in 2000, ICCF-8 (Lerici, Italy) show conclusive evidence of Low Energy Transmutation Phenomena.
The Alchemic hints result to be always correct, proving that Alchemy is an experimental science.
XXI century physics will be characterized by Low Energy Nuclear Reactions:
The revival of Alchemy.



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