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The real Einstein

There is a definite coherence and continuity of the non - null results of the interferometric experiments, which cause the Theory of Relativity unlikely to be sound.
Optical Gyroscopes disprove everyday Special Relativity.
The entire Theory of Relativity, both Special and General and its cosmological implications, the Big Bang and the Expanding Universe are highly speculative.
Relativity has proved to be the greatest scientific swindle in the history of Modern Science.

Il existe une cohérence et une continuité certaine dans les résultats non nuls obtenus dans le cadre des expériences interférométriques qui fragilisent la Théorie de la Relativité.
Les expériences réalisées à l’aide de gyroscopes optiques désapprouvent chaque jour la Théorie de la Relativité Restreinte.
La Théorie de la Relativité toute entière, Restreinte et Général, et ses implications cosmologiques comme le Big Bang et l’expansion de l’Univers sont hautement spéculatives.
La Théorie de la Relativité s’avère être la plus grande escroquerie scientifique de l’histoire de la Science Moderne.



According to L. Essen, Einstein's paper of 1905 is characterized by strange features as the brevity of the introduction…and the omission of any reference to the work of H. A. Lorentz and H. Poincare. (1)
In our opinion Essen is simply omitting to consider the elementary experimental evidence: that A. Einstein was a mediocre student, the worst in his class, with the only possibility, once graduated, to become an employee of the Patent Office in Bern.
Einstein came to know Michelson's experiment in his student's years, having read Lorentz's book of 1895 (2): Soon I came to the conclusion that our idea about the motion of the Earth with respect to the Ether is incorrect, if we admit the Michelson null result as a fact. (3)
As a German student he had, clearly, no occasion to read the original paper (in English) of Michelson and Morley: otherwise he should have known that the experimental result was beneath expectations, but not null.
The relative velocity of the Earth and the Ether is probably less than one sixth the Earth orbital velocity (5 km/s) and certainly less than one fourth (7.5km/s)…the experiment shall be repeated. (4)
Einstein came too soon to a wrong idea as a consequence of wrong information.
Moreover, as an employee of the Patent office in Bern, he had no occasion to have direct knowledge of Experimental Physics, especially Electromagnetic Metrology: he was simply not acquainted with such things as references and bibliography.
For this reason, in his Special Relativity paper, he did not mention Michelson's name (1): he was simply admitting the Michelson null result as a fact. (3)
For the same reason, he did not know Michelson's paper of 1904: Relative motion of Earth and Ether (5), which explains the principle of the Michelson-Sagnac Effect: the principle of the Optical Gyroscope. (6), (7)


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