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Neutrons, Polyneutrons, Composition of Polyneutrons: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LET), Alchemy, Chemistry.


We show how, in our opinion, Low Energy Transmutations (LET), Alchemy, Chemistry, can be understood in terms of : Neutrons, Polyneutrons, Composition of Polyneutrons.
We show then the Experimental Method and the results of:
1) Transmutation of Mercury into Gold by means of Acetic Acid.
2) Transmutation of Lead into Silver through ignition of Metallic Salts.
3) Transmutation of Thorium and Uranium into Stable Elements through ignition of Metallic Salts.
These experiments, in our opinion, show that:
1) The Principle of Lavoisier is experimentally groundless.
2) Alchemy is an Experimental Science.
3) It is possible to dispose of the Nuclear Waste.




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